METOLIGHT LED tube lighting is a recent innovation that capitalizes on the benefits of LED technology and the prevalence of existing fluorescent tube fixtures.  In short, LEDs are fixed in a tubular package that fits into existing fluorescent sockets. This is advantageous for a number of reasons, explained below. This article should also help one make an informed decision about the pros and cons of various LED tube lights.
A LED (light emitting diode) is a semiconductor that converts electricity directly into light.

For a given output, it is much more efficient than an incandescent bulb, and up to eighty percent more efficient than a traditional fluorescent tube. Less heat is generated as a byproduct, so the area illuminated stays cooler. The life is an LED is quite long, with 50,000 hours or more being normal.

LEDs are quickly being integrated into packages that allow them to replace existing lighting without the need to change fixtures. The LED tube light offers an alternative to a traditional tubular fluorescent light.

LED lights are longer lasting than traditional lighting and downlights, so you don’t have to replace your lights all the time!
·LED lighting uses less power with energy efficient lights which means they are cheaper to run.
·LED lights will help you meet BASIX standards for efficiency in new homes.
·Low heat means LED lights are much safer (almost unbreakable)  and will reduce how hard your air conditioner has to work.
·Energy efficient lights create less carbon emissions, so they are better for the environment.
·You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of lights as energy efficient lights bathe the room in a calm warmwhite glow.
.LED Lights offer a flicker free, non humming bright illumination
.LED tubes do not contain any mercury or hazardous goods – absolute green technology
.LED-tubes work without starter or ballast – no need for repeated exchange, no maintenance
.METOLIGHT LED-Tubes are of German design and Quality and meet all needed certifications
-Special types can be dimmed by remote control or auto dimming by daylight

Due to their longer life, you need to purchase less globes/downlights which means less lights are produced and less lights go to landfill.

LED Lighting are lights which use light emitting diodes (LED’s) which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LED lights create less heat than traditional lights, which means they last for longer and it means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. LED lights are a relatively new technology and can help you save upto 80% on your lighting cost.

Lighting occupy an important proportion in households energy bills, so it makes up an important part of the electricity you are paying for. Most lighting today is inefficient and is costing you money and emitting vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
LED lights are a great energy efficient alternative and they can save you money and help reduce your impact on the environment.

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3 Responses to What is LED tube lighting ?

  1. Warner sagt:

    I also distribute led lightings in CA,USA. Actually we are afraid the led tube lifespan can’t reach 50000 hours. Could you send me some specification of your products to my email:

    • Asmetec sagt:

      Of course today nobody can give a proof that led lights really last 50.000 hours.
      In fact the LED chips itself can last up to 100.000 hours, but the electronic drivers may fail much earlier.
      All the available tests for durability are based on accelerated aging, So no one really can predict.
      But to be honest:
      The LED technology is so quick developing that most likely even private households will exchange their led lights after maybe 5 years because by then you get at same or even lower price much more brighter led bubs and spots.
      I’m always astonished how people today have illusions and expectations about new technologies.
      Today all people with cell phones dispose their old phone once a year, though it might work for maybe 10 years or even longer, because if the high PWB quality built in. But new technologies and new designs are attractive.
      Did you ever hear about the request that a cell phone should last 50.000 hours? This is 5,7 years continious working time.

      Did you ever hear that people really complain if their energy saving PL-tube-bulb did not meet the expected 10.000 hours?
      No, they simply throw it away if it fails after a few hundred hours.

      Today’s LED-light technology is so much more reliable than PL tubes or energy saving bulbs.
      If there is a defect within the bulb it will fail within a few hours,. maybe because of poor soldering, loose contacts or similar.
      So there is absolutely no risk for a customer to use LED-Lights. If they work, they will work half a life time, if they fail, they will fail within the warranty time and will be exchanged free of charge – at least if bought from Asmetec.

      Best regards

      Reinhard Freund
      ASMETEC GmbH

  2. Caitlin Walsh sagt:

    I’m a huge proponent of LED technology and glad to see that retrofits and renovations are now being made easier by the tube lighting.

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